secubit rasa

Published May 27, 2010 by crystalights


aper masalahnye. aku tak boleh tanye ke?

i was there from the beginning, don’t i at least deserve to know?

at least bile balas (beberape hari kemudian) tu jawabla soalan aku.

so do i have to ask the same questions multiple times and give a few days just for you to respond with something that doesn’t even answer my question but is another request itself?

ingat aku ni ape?

aku bukannye nak mendesak something yg diluar kemampuan atau keinginan kau la

aku cume tak nak kau tertinggal

ko tak paham ke ikhlas tu aper

klau sume org assume yg aku akan give a damn about everybody’s affairs then seriously, i have to say this right now:

i don’t.

at least not all the time.

but the ones who somehow found their way to my door, i don’t push them away.

because there has to be a reason why they’re there and not somewhere else.

maybe destiny has placed them with me for a cause

and i accept that.

really, i do.

because i believe in these things.

so if i give my heart and soul for something i would want to know if that something lives and grows

i deserve at least that much

i don’t care if it looks very self-centred and demanding

but i think it’s fair when you give your time and energy to something which isn’t even yours

you have to understand that every single time you take something from someone they have a share in it too

that’s the whole deal

don’t take things and people for granted

you won’t have the same people

or the same things forever


life isn’t easy

not everything is prepared and delivered at your doorstep

not everyone will stop and look after you

it’s not a fairytale

no clear endings

no guarantee

no promises


anyone can leave or be left behind

even if you don’t. leave. people behind.

they just might leave you



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