the facebook story

Published May 27, 2010 by crystalights


isn’t a social-networking site just a social-networking site?

you go there to socialize, right?

so what’s the problem?

what is it that makes it such a big deal about whether or not you have the ultimate 100% privacy control in such sites?

they’re social-networking sites.

in the real world, you can pick who you wanna socialize with.

in the cyber world, everything mingles with everything else.

there is no such thing as a 100% safe social-networking.

so either you stop it altogether, or you moderate yourself on how much personal information you put out on your own accord.

you see? it really counts down to you.

how much you show and tell is really your choice.

if you really wanna keep every single thing private then i really think it’s funny that you’re actually utilizing a social-networking site.

because it’s human nature.

people show what they are and then they socialize.

if they don’t then they won’t.

it’s that simple. no one can force you to put your private details on your site without your consent,

you’re not blindfolded, drugged, or hypnotized.

so if any of that somehow shows up when you really wanna shut it off, then well, what else can you do? you hate that there’s no privacy but you love the socializing too much now to let it go.

and somehow the love-hate relationship grows

so you decide to quit this particular social-networking site

but not before you gather all your network people and join another social-networking site, right?

and then the vicious cycle starts again.


it doesn’t tire you out because underneath all that, this is what you want.

this is your choice.

so go ahead and complain to the rest of the friggin’ world about your site woes or internet hoax

when in reality you know you’d go through all that again if it means that you get to be the main role of that “exciting” virtual world again.


aren’t we all just a pawn in the whole game?

the worst part is that we willingly move forward to play that game.



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