brown sugar cookies and a heart on my sleeve

Published June 18, 2010 by crystalights


a few things were happening

all at the same time

and some went out of hand

so i wasn’t feeling quite right


so i tried working in the kitchen again


today i made my first batch of cookies






(my lil’ brother ate them with some tea-dipping)




so there’s my first sugar cookies.


you know

sometimes i wished that it’s enough for me to just

listen without speaking

be here without breaking

understand without showing

but to feel enough to keep staying


i wished i was enough

apparently it’s not enough to just be.

you still have to do something

to make something out of things

so that people feel like they’re in

inside your life somewhere


my cookies aren’t perfect

but i made them with my own hands

my own version of the usual cookie recipe

my own personal touch


they’re not perfect

but they’re my own


why can’t they be enough?

why can’t i be enough?



do i have to lay out my heart on the table

to prove that i actually feel



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