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a place in this world.

Published July 31, 2010 by crystalights



’cause i’m still trying to figure it out

don’t know what’s down this road

i’m just walking

trying to see through the rain coming down

even though i’m not the only one who feels the way i do.


i’m alone

on my own

and that’s all i know.

i’ll be strong

i’ll be wrong

but life goes on.


i’m just a girl

trying to find a place in this world.


maybe i’m just a girl in a mission

but i’m ready to fly..




Published July 30, 2010 by crystalights


“i’m sorry but i don’t think i can make it. ..bye.”


i don’t have to feel bad because this is just one of those things that i know i shouldn’t waste my time, money and energy on.

i have too much to lose so i chose to let this pass

and the next one is different because it’s something that i can accomodate to more compared to this one

i don’t have to feel guilty because this is life

and in it choices and decisions have to be made

and something like this isn’t entirely wrong because every little path that i choose will lead to something somehow so there must be something there at the end of it no matter what i choose to do or not do

i don’t have to be afraid

because this is my life and my decision.



Published July 30, 2010 by crystalights


i don’t need to think too much about it, right?

i shouldn’t even have spoken about it.

if they call i’ll just go- afterall it’s probably my only possible attempt at normality

i shouldn’t have said anything about it

because we’re not normal like that

we don’t share and solve, we solve and then share

we just report to each other, we don’t solve each other’s problems


this is how it should continue to be

this is probably why the idea of dependency repulses me so much

not like this

Published July 30, 2010 by crystalights


i believe that i can fix my own problems.

that’s why i don’t wanna talk about it.

more people + too much going on = i can’t think.

i just need time.

stop putting words into my head

i’ll find my own way.


i know i always sound so ungrateful when i’m grateful that you’re away

but i don’t need the extra pressure

it’s plain torture


you don’t need to say a word

i’ll figure it out on my own


language matters

Published July 26, 2010 by crystalights


“like” means:




there is always more than 1 meaning to 1 word.

the trick is always finding the right one to use.


if it is: “46 people like this (song)”,

then shouldn’t it be: “46 orang suka (lagu) ini”?


why is it: “46 orang seperti ini”?


there is even a thumbs-up sign at the side, which means “like” as in “love/fond of/fancy”.


that is why

i don’t understand why

why the little things in simple forms of language that people can already understand is translated again into another language but with very little understanding?


although it is a language that some people are comfortable with throughout their lives it does not mean that everything has to be turned into that one language.


if you can already understand it in english then why would you want to read it in bahasa malaysia?

if i can read Adibah Amin’s “Di-ruang Mu aku di sini” in bahasa malaysia then why would i want to read “Exile” in english?


it’s the same thing.

the same book.

“Exile” is the english version of “Di-ruang Mu aku di sini”.



If I could I would have read “The Alchemist” in its original language (spanish), but i don’t know spanish so i couldn’t.

i can only read and understand the english version of the book.


the point is that whatever original language it is in as long as you can read and understand it then why not try and read it and truly appreciate it in its original form?

simple things like “log in” and “log out” is it necessary for it to be converted to your language version of “daftar masuk” and “daftar keluar”?


if people only use the language that they’re comfortable in all the time then when will we ever learn?

kalau kita hanye gunekan bahase yg kita rase selesa setiap mase sampai bile baru kita blajar?


why not let yourself become accustomed to a different language through simple applications like logging in to your favourite website, or checking your e-mails, or listen to foreign music once in a while.

why not?

the least you can do is try.

start with something small.

no one is too old to learn.

i believe it’s the attitude, not just the results.


walau apa pun, bukan ke berusaha itu lebih baik dari tak mencuba langsung?



Published July 26, 2010 by crystalights


i really should sleep now.

something happened tonight and i have to (be the one to) tell my parents tomorrow (in the best possible way).

i think i almost had a heart attack when i picked up the phone.

but because it was a huge emergency i couldn’t just freak out and cower.

just got to pull myself together so that the one on the other line can pull their selves together and deal with things.

at least everyone’s okay now, that’s the most important thing.

i have to be prepared so that i don’t accidentally say the wrong things (again) if something like this requires my attention (again).



(and this is off-topic but what the hell are people doing looking for rated videos on wordpress?)