prom queen

Published July 7, 2010 by crystalights


yesterday, we made brownies.

it’s a little too moist and fudgy though.

but extremely sweet.

and now no one’s really eating it besides me and my little brother

my sweet tooth kills


i thought i only have an interview on monday

but today someone else called for another interview.

whatever that means. they’re just interviews. i’ll go to the one on monday. and then another on tuesday.

it doesn’t mean anything.

it’s like saying you’re invited to the prom. (but everyone in school’s invited to the prom, so. whatever).

owh. and schools in malaysia don’t have proms so stop turning every single thing into prom reincarnation(!)

what “princess of the night“? “lady of the gala“?

it’s tacky. and overrated.

schools in this country are supposed to be boring and prom-less.

they’re supposed to make you work hard for papers and exams and toughen up and grow up and then go to work and wear shiny leather shoes and walk the talk. and perform!

no need for your dancing shoes. you just need your rows of distinctions and accolades and then you can rule the world, one prom-less night at a time.


*turns off witch mode*


the truth is that i don’t want nice girls like my friend live thinking that all education/career-driven individuals are douches. especially if they’re young and accomplished.

but it’s so hard to prove otherwise sometimes at the current state that we’re living in.

because lots of nice girls should care more than just looking nice on a prom or prom-less night.

you can be nice and driven and accomplished- all at the same time.

you can be more than just a prom queen.

it’s your heart and mind that makes you different. on the surface, aren’t we all the same?




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