the untitled

Published July 9, 2010 by crystalights


last month my older sister turned 24.

she was very excited about the whole thing.

she bought things

picked the cake

lit the candles

and sang.


that was last month.

around the 3rd-4th week of June.


and last week we went away without her

(it’s usually without her when she’s working)


i don’t really understand her excitement though.

i for one, am totally not thrilled to celebrate being older.

not when i haven’t felt young for a long enough time.

it was always me having to grow up faster and having to answer for everything that she couldn’t answer for

i’m not bitter.

i’m just trying to remember. what it feels like to be happy being older.

because i’m sure that i have at least felt that way once when i was younger.


and then came last week.

it wasn’t very fast paced but it was kinda packed.

we were running around trying to get my stuff done and my little sister’s stuff by the end of the week.


shopping with a dateline (!)


and the walk-arounds. walk-abouts.











i don’t know what tomorrow brings

i just know i have to move fast



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