Published July 16, 2010 by crystalights


dear crystalight hearts,


although you weren’t exactly my most beloved blog, and i’m almost a week late, i still felt like i should be a good pagemaster and congratulate your belated 1 year anniversary.


i created you a day after my 22nd birthday, and now that i turned 23 last week i guess i should appreciate you more.


you were there to take in all my rants and spazzes and tantrums when no one else was. (well, sorta).




i’m usually sad, stressed, hurt or angry when i’m here. and i guess that was why i didn’t like you very much. because you remind me of all that dark feelings whenever i’m here.


i always told myself that once i finished my attachment and my studies i’m gonna put you on an indefinite hiatus or something.


i don’t know why even after all that i keep coming back to write. even my diary isn’t receiving the same kind of treatment, let alone my other friend-based blogs.


but i think i know now.


it’s the idea of anonymity whenever i’m here-

of writing without identification.


i like that a lot.

so that only what is written is scrutinized, instead of who is writing it.


i think i kinda understood why J.K rowling wanted to use a different name and write a different story after harry potter was done.

it’s like starting anew, without your past as an extra baggage.

as a potter reader it would be a nice challenge to find that new story and somehow knowing that it is her work after all. her writing.

and that is what i call an exceptional reader.


so crystalight hearts,

i felt that i always hold myself back frm writing to you because i don’t feel like it’s normal to write so much within a span of a very short time.

i can’t just write all the time-

it’s not normal.

i want to feel like i’m normal.

but it left me feeling unsatisfied (because most of the time human beings can’t be what i need them to be –

they can’t take in too much information)

i don’t blame them though.

but i don’t intend to torture them any time soon any longer


i think i’ll just keep on writing to you (even though it makes me feel a bit abnormal).



-your pagemaster-

P/S: happy one year anniversary!

P.P/S: my parents are going away for the weekend so i’m in charge of the kids for the next two days!


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