Published July 19, 2010 by crystalights


this is

a durian.

i think it’s amazing how a durian can smell.

i mean really.

i put orange juice in the fridge and because there’re durians in there, walla~ i end up drinking a durian-tasting orange juice.

i feel like waiting for the discovery channel to do a special scoop on why durians smell.

so today, i pried open a durian using my dad’s personal sword knife.

i can just eat the opened ones in the fridge but no~

of course i want freshly opened durians because they taste the best when they are just plucked out of their shells.

opening up durians are more fun than eating them (because it makes me feel like a bad-assed tough girl. haha).

it’s my dad’s favourite knife.

( he even brings them during those camping trips that they always go to. the entire blade is black, only the sharp edges are silverish in colour).



the idea of prying open a durian is actually by finding the spot where all the separate compartment lines meet. (note the bottom right side of the pic).

it’s actually very simple.



that was fun.

i ate 3 pieces and i’m full already.

they’re thick and creamy and soft and pudgy.

and very very sweet.



i think i am pretty much a kampung girl.

i peel durians

i eat freshwater fishes

i cook lauk lemak cili api

and although i don’t really eat budu, cencalok or tempoyak, i still eat sambal belacan and terubuk goreng.



there’s so much more that the city doesn’t have that the kampung does

for the rest

not even a citibank mastercard~ 




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