mummy’s mum

Published July 23, 2010 by crystalights


my mum’s leaving the country tonight.

(it’s something she had to settle but she’ll be gone for about 24 hours or so).

24 hours without my mum, i wonder what’ll happen here.


even if i cook it’s not like my dad will eat anything in this house that isn’t my mum’s cooking (he’s very fussy about food).

the last time he ate something that i cooked, it was because he thought my mum cooked it.

(and no one said anything until the end. i didn’t even say that it was my cooking).


so i took out my mum’s handbag, and asked her to bring along a carry-on.

we were fixing the strap of her handbag and spent quite some time looking for the mini screwdrivers (i have my own mini screwdriver set but i didn’t quite remember where i put them).

but finally, they’re done.

(she’s still packing though).

and then i asked her repeatedly: “what do you want me to do tomorrow?”

she too didn’t know whether or not i should cook (because of my fussy dad).

she says she didn’t know what i should do.


i don’t think he’ll eat anything prepared by me though.


i’m not my mum.

i may be my mummy’s mum (sometimes, such as in times like this), but i don’t think i can be the way she is sometimes.

it’s complicated because we’re not really the same. i don’t have my mother’s patience when it comes to dealing with people like my dad. not that it’s a bad thing, but it must’ve been very difficult and long and tough to be patient and calm all the time-

it’s not easy.

sometimes i feel like he’s a child.

but she was younger when she married him.

sometimes i say to her “why did you marry him?” in a good-natured kind of way and then my little sister comes along and say “if they didn’t marry then they wouldn’t have you”, and i would say “if i am meant to be born into this world then i would definitely be born into this world regardless of who she marries” and then everyone just kinda not know what to say to that (because it’s not entirely acceptable, isn’t it).

they just let me say whatever i want even though i’m wrong most of the time.


i guess life’s like this.


at least my mum’s okay. for now.


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