dressing up when you’re down

Published July 25, 2010 by crystalights


my mum bought her a new purse (i don’t really understand why).

and then we were trying some clothes on and there was this baby blue long-sleeved satin dress with a matching outer layer in a lighter shade

and i wanted to try it on after her (because i secretly thought that it would look better on me)

and then mum said it doesn’t suit me (as much as it suited her).


and then i looked at my reflection on the mirror (not wanting to believe it)


i’m not upset or anything

i just don’t feel like trying on anything else


and then i started to tidy up the clothes and didn’t really have the mood to look through my wardrobe and find one for tomorrow’s wedding invitation


of course, my mood was already gone so i didn’t really care about anything else

so i wasn’t entirely pleasant to her questions, considering how i wasn’t feeling so pleasant myself


and after some heated exchange of words between us she suddenly says she’s not going to tomorrow’s wedding.

i was surprised and said “okay.”


and that is how i ruin people’s mood when my mood is ruined.

the whole thing was nothing short of ridiculous anyway

why bother



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