random dreams

Published July 25, 2010 by crystalights


i didn’t go to today’s wedding afterall.


i woke up and felt so dizzy i couldn’t even lift my head.


so after some sleeping i woke up again and found something to read for a bit

and then i went to the kitchen and cooked

but it turned out to be a lot for two people to eat so i scooped some and got her to send it to someone for me.

it felt a lot like a peace offering after what happened that day though


i took a shower and searched for something to wear 

i found my off-white top

my older sister’s red mickey mouse shirt

my mum’s old long skirt

my litle sister’s white scarf


decided on the top with a blue dress and shorts. but i missed those old dresses (i wonder where they are).


cooking was nice.

i wasn’t interrupted or ordered around, and the ingredients were enough.


i feel so tired i don’t know why.


there was someone who

unexpectedly crossed my mind.

i saw him in my dreams this morning, right before i wake up.

i don’t know why he’s there

i don’t think i’ve been thinking of him at all recently.


maybe that was just one of those random dreams bcause my brain is tired.



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