whatever i want

Published August 2, 2010 by crystalights


okay so maybe i don’t really know what people normally talk about on the phone

i could be socially retarded afterall

i don’t know, okay.

but still you don’t have to rub it in my face

i can’t help it if i don’t stop myself just in time before i make a fool out of myself

i can’t help it if i become a bit tactless and blunt when my mind’s elsewhere


so whatever

i hate explaining myself all the time – that’s not my style

i hate clarifying things to other people to show that i’m not guilty – because i don’t like feeling as if my life’s on trial.

i think i can do whatever i want, whenever i want to

and if people feel that they don’t “connect” very well with me than i guess that’s fine

it’s not like i can be bothered by it

it’s not like i should give a damn about it


when i talk it’s A to Z

if you just wanna listen to the U without starting at A, then i won’t talk at all

and you don’t have to listen at all.

you wanna listen, start from the beginning

if you don’t then i won’t.

i don’t have to mould my story to fit into your needs

i’m not uncaring, i’m undeterred.

i’m comfortable in my own skin

i don’t need a second opinion, a sugar coater

i take care of myself

and whatever happens it’s important that i know that i take responsibilities for whatever i do on my own


i’m not angry or hurt i’m just annoyed

i wasn’t really telling evryone about some things because it’s a hassle-

leceh. menyusahkan. malas.

malas nak cakap.

pandai2 sendiri la nak handle

i’m not a little girl



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