husband and wife

Published August 6, 2010 by crystalights


i spent the entire morning in the kitchen with mum.

we had to cook for my dad’s office staffs (because someone submitted a 24hr resignation notice).


why couldn’t they just order frm somewhere?

we’re not a restaurant or catering company.

what more the phonecall only came this morning, and we had to prepare the food by mid-day.

i hate it when my dad does that- he just expects my mom to deliver.

i hate it when the husband just expects the wife to do everything they ask for

and then what?


a husband should know that the wife does what she does for him because of what’s in her heart, not because it is what she is obligated to do.

a wife’s obligation is towards her husband, not her husband’s workplace or her husband’s friends.

if however, the wife does something for those purposes, then the husband should be EXTREMELY grateful and thankful.

because that is not her duty, that is her good deed.


but of course

my mum does all that willingly-

(maybe one day i’ll understand why).



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