of flowers and hearts

Published August 10, 2010 by crystalights











my mother’s orchids.


i don’t like gardening though.

i don’t even like orchids.

they’re difficult to nurture, and only bloom when they feel it’s right.

they need special materials for growing, and usually they don’t share space.

but orchids are rather long-lasting. they’re resilient enough to not need soil and excessive water.

they just –survive.

i used to like tulips, but they don’t grow well in this climate, in this part of the world.

i think roses are the prettiest when they’re white, not red, pink or yellow.

and lilies. lilies should be white too.


the last time i received flowers was when i was 14.

it was a red rose, on my table in the classroom.

i was thrilled and surprised, but then i turned around and saw every girl’s table has red roses on them


every girl in my class got them.

because some guy in my class went on a trip to cameron and bought a huge bunch of roses

so it was more like a holiday gift.

and then i grew up some more and saw one of my friends received a flower for her birthday

it was only one flower (which i shall not disclose).

but i don’t know why i feel weird thinking about the one who gave them to her

and how she feels about it.

(because what he feels was crystal clear for people to see)


so much for being subtle ay.


haengbok hanji nugul mannaneun ji?



even when i don’t like orchids i know enough about them than most people who love them.

it’s only fair that you like what you know and know what you don’t like, isn’t that so?

it’s only fair that you know them all, for all its worth

the ones you like are they better than the ones you don’t?

for all its worth,

isn’t a flower still a flower?



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