after all. after all.

Published August 11, 2010 by crystalights


night view from the top.

we haven’t been there for so long. i guess it was just one of those “one-time” thing. [only one (?) + only once (?)]

all good things come to an end, ay.


made a few phonecalls + an email but still no news frm the uni. and then he was asking me like it’s my fault that there is no news.

well of course he’s gonna act that way, what else do i expect? don’t i identify with that kind of people the most (because that is how difficult i am sometimes)?

but still. no thanks for the unnecessary extra pressure, huh. i’m worrying about the reply too you know. you’re not the only one who’s thinking about it. not that you’d understand it frm my point of view but yeah it’d be nothing short of amazing if you could. give me that little piece of tolerance.

but no, on second thought don’t.

don’t stop. just keep on doing it simply because maybe, maybe i deserve this kind of torture after all.


“bile aku senang aku tak begitu menyenangkan. sbb tu..mungkin kesusahan itu lebih baik untuk aku”.


today is the first fasting day.

selamat menempuhi ramadhan dgn sebaiknya untuk semua.


bukan sekadar berbasa basi tapi dari dalam nurani

ramadhan ini anugerah

untuk kita


my worries and hurt are lessened, if not healed.

walaupun hajat belum tertunai tapi masih banyak yang perlu disyukuri


i just have to keep trying



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