of beliefs and equality

Published August 15, 2010 by crystalights


i don’t usually feel it’s necessary to comment on the affairs of other countries

but this time this one feels different.


it is a mosque.

people go there to pray.

the location of it does not change that fact;

the fact that people go there to pray.

a mosque is still a mosque, a place of worship and where religious activities commence.


if the construction of the mosque where groups of people practice religion is considered a threat to the country’s national security,

then wouldn’t that portray a presumptous stereotyping of that particular group of people?

isn’t that the same as saying these people who practice this type of religion are all dangerous.

it’s like saying all blondes are dumb.

or all supermodels have eating disorders.

no matter what the assumptions are, no amount of stereotyping is fairly acceptable to anyone.

especially if, by believing in something, they are made to be villains of some sort, because someone else who believes in the same things that they do are known as villains.

if someone related to you is jailed for murder is it fair or logical that you are jailed too, for being related to that person?

as far as i know, in such a free country people are supposedly allowed to freely practice their religion, regardless of whatever history your religion is known to have.


maybe there are two people who believe in the same god but their interpretations of that belief could be different.

we can try our best to follow the teachings of our religion and put our faith in it but anything else that follows after that are not all within our control.

only god knows what is the best and rightful path for all. and only our creator has the right to truly judge who we are and what we have been to ourselves and to everyone around us.

and i think, that is what believing in god means.


so isn’t it only fair that people are not discriminated against and not judged because of their beliefs and their religion?



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