nineteen eighty-four

Published August 18, 2010 by crystalights


i’ve just finished reading george orwell’s nineteen eighty-four.

how can someone write something like that.

reading through the story feels like looking at the world through dark tinted lenses

it doesn’t get any brighter.

it made me believe at some point in the story that there could be some sort of possible hope that winston’s experiences wasn’t in vain

but in the end there isn’t any.

no hope. no resolution. nothing.

to put up a little fight and then become just like one of the rest before him

is just.. a tad bit dissapointing.

the story has its strength though, but the ending feels a little anticlimatic.

or maybe because i was at least expecting him to die a martyr (in his own little forsaken heart) at the end but no

he had to (perplexingly) love the big guy at the end

i mean, how do you love something you’ve always known you hate

how do you believe a lie as the truth

how do you carry on, knowing that every single thing wasn’t anything at all

and that the only reality allowed to you is the one planted in your head

how can he still sit and drink and breathe, knowing that everything is wrong?


i don’t really connect with the story near the ending

i still believed what winston had believed before he was “changed”.


and i even half-expected o’brien to stop the torture and suddenly set him free while telling him that he passed the test (like that scene from “V for Vendetta”).

but he didn’t.


as the plot spirals away from it’s starting point i realize that it’s too long for something that ends in that manner

although i was actually expecting it to end much much longer with at least a good resolution for winston and eurasia as a whole

but the end was in actuality a bit shorter (it turns out that the extra page wasn’t the ending, it was the newspeak appendix).

so there.

after these long years i finally have the time and finished it.


and now i’m in the middle of another which i’m slowly taking my time on (because it’s mark twain and his pieces deserve plenty of well-spent time!).


i like his style.

very heart-moving.



(i’m waiting for an email before i can actually start work).



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