walk away

Published August 21, 2010 by crystalights

(walkway, saujana)


this was constructed to link the two separate sets of condo units in that location.

sadly, it wasn’t really used, though.

because people can just cross the road in less time than it takes to get on this ‘walkway-bridge’ thingy.



we were there years ago (i think).

i don’t even remember why we climbed up there anyway. must be one of those random hyperness attack with my little sister.



we have lived in that location before, though.

it was in my primary school years, and at that time i have lots of younger friends who think i’m their age.

we goofed around, arrived late for our afternoon classes, laughed at the slightest funny thing and occasionally end up somewhere strange.

rain or shine, we walked to our afternoon school and back, with the occasional wet uniforms or shoes stuck in the bright orange mud.

some of us even shared the same name and went to the same class and the teacher had to call our first and second names in full everytime we’re in some thing together.

we even got in trouble with the principal once for suddenly being “missing” from school.



and then we grew up.


separate secondary schools


separate afternoon classes


separate places to live.



after a few years i came back again


but things are just not the same anymore.


we couldn’t even really look at each other in the eye.


i don’t know why, but i guess that is how things go, and perhaps everything at every point in time is a phase somehow.



but in a way, it was nice while it lasted.

at least i knew at some point in my life i was just a goofy kid with younger childish friends

and that at some point i was a child too.

i didn’t have to think about what i needed to be and just lived in that moment at that time.



but even that has to pass.

and people just.. move on.


so i understand if people don’t stay

i wouldn’t want to ask them to

do what is something against the natural way of how things go.


human nature isn’t so unpredictable afterall.


but it’s okay.



it was just something that crossed my mind 

as that time of the year approaches again

the time that we usually spend in that location for a little while

before we pack our bags and leave again.



i don’t know what this year will bring

but i don’t want to look forward to it too much and end up dissapointed.







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