Published August 22, 2010 by crystalights


sometimes i think some people stick to my dad more than they stick to their dads.

which is strange considering our relationship with our dad are rather spartan (?) in one way or another.


it’s the coming holidays.

and we’re supposed to go together, but with separate cars.

and then suddenly we had to change our plans

because someone else wants to tag along.


i don’t really get it

i mean, everytime we wanna tell our dad something we always somehow go straight for the kill.

no corners, no cuts, just face forward and head on.

because it gets awkward when you stall, and most of the time he doesn’t wait for you to finish.


we’re used to that. we know what he’s like.


so i don’t understand why someone our age would wanna tag along and hang with our dad.

it’s beyond strange, it’s almost disconcerting

(well almost)


but whatever.


we are soo not gonna be in the same car and not going at the same time.

end of story.


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