sleepless in short slumber

Published August 24, 2010 by crystalights


actually, lately i’m having trouble sleeping.


even if i sleep on time i would suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and stay awake until morning.

and then only when the sun is about to rise can i fall asleep again.

for hours.


i told my mum i want black curtains, because i sleep during the day.

she was incredulous (haha).

she says with my room and my windows always shut and closed it’s already so dark and unbearable to her

(i like sitting in the dark).


when i can’t sleep i find something in the kitchen, or start reading, or put on my music player, or just stay in one place to think.


once i feel sleepy i have to immediately sleep because i don’t know for how long i’ll be able to sleep before waking up again.

even when i hear my handphone’s tone i just ignore it because moving to check it means that i’ll be awake again.


so of course i’m not always awake early in the mornings.

mornings are my bedtime.


i’m just glad that i can at least participate in kitchen work during the early evenings (at least i’m awake before that time)

feels like insomnia



sleeping should be liberating.

not burdensome.


having a good night’s sleep is truly an overlooked gift, isn’t it?


i wished he wouldn’t mind the waking up late part though. it’s not like i enjoy sleeping in the wrong hours.

i feel bad already.



can’t you just get over it? 


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