at face value

Published August 27, 2010 by crystalights


my sister was watching tv and that show was on


i cringed and cringed and cringed

and fumbled


it wasn’t even that significant for me

i just told her to change the channel

and she was like:

don’t start your sentiments here.

by then, i was whining to get her to watch something else.


the thing is that that is probably the best way to deal with something so cringe-worthy as that.

from that male judge to the lines of contestants, i was thinking: what is the purpose of this show anyway?


do you think that you could even find the right “gadis melayu” in this kind of show?

come on.

who are we kidding?


isn’t this just another beauty pageant showcasing supposedly what people call as “gadis melayu” skills?

where does the value lie?

where’s the sense in that?


jawab cincai pun boleh masuk second round (sebab ape? sebab cantik la).

what difference does it make whether or not you’re the ultimate “gadis melayu” anyway, you still have to be “aesthetically qualified” enough to steal the limelight in a beauty contest.

it’s not that much different from the ones before it anyway.

macam gadis metro.

gadis sunsilk.

gadis pantene.

gadis maybelline.

gadis celcom.

gadis jelita.


perhaps in this country beauty is of face value.

somehow even the little littlest things are associated with a stage, a face, a spotlight, a crown.


sebagai gadis melayu saya tak larat nak tengok rancangan2 mcm ni.





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