of pictures and photographs.

Published September 3, 2010 by crystalights


the end result of a picture doesn’t necessarily show the effort behind that picture.

aren’t they just physical things, afterall?

sometimes it isn’t logical to be so proper, poised, prim and prepped in all your shots

-it’s too unrealistic.


it’s okay to make an effort for those pictures but life is still life and being alive doesn’t mean continuous perfection.

it means that sometimes the imperfections are part and parcel of what makes life alive.

that’s what makes life real, raw and believable.

it makes life more meaningful. and reachable.

if pictures don’t work out it doesn’t mean that life won’t (work out).


they are just pictures afterall.


don’t you feel that when someone puts such emphasis on their pictures it shows how much of an exhibitionist the person is?

it’s like having an image to maintain.

so which one is real?

can people know this without having to ask?


i think someone once said that in pictures and photographs you don’t change the object to fit the picture, you manipulate the picture to fit the object.

you work around the object to produce a picture. a photograph.


i’m not an expert in photography but i do know that probably half of those pics are never my cup of tea.



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