inconvenient guests

Published September 13, 2010 by crystalights


so i’m finally home again.


hari raya was supposed to be fun.

but the first three days was torture.

it was like we were serving the queen.

by the third morning i was standing at the kitchen thinking of how i was seriously at the end of my patience.


she prepares everything that he asks for.

and he does everything that she wants.

but that isn’t their home.

it was ours.

our place.

we can’t keep on trying to catch up with the way that she wants things to be done, we’re not butlers or maids.

you can’t order people around when you’re in their home.

when they have welcomed you so respectfully as a guest.

you can’t just expect people to deliver your requests.   

and we had to be the polite host, accommodating to their needs regardless of whether or not they have exceeded their stay.


it was a living nightmare for 3 days.


by the time they left we were so damn relieved but too tired to actually celebrate (or something).

it was very energy-consuming and time-consuming.


it was unnerving to know that the person that you’re entertaining probably doesn’t even deserve such great hospitality anyway.




i’m going out tomorrow.



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