this is your story; all-different-kinds of amazing.

Published September 16, 2010 by crystalights



i don’t think it’s a problem when you don’t need anyone.

some people just live. without people.



i don’t think you should fear becoming who you are when you’re with people, whether or not you know them.

whether or not they know you.

whether or not you want to know them.

whether or not they want to know you.



i don’t think it’s awful when people don’t laugh at all your jokes or answer all your questions.

at least you carried your role as a part of humankind.

by being flawed you’re being human.

isn’t humility a part of humanity’s lesson to humankind?


but why does it hurt you this much to just be?


in order to not be hurt,

maybe hurting is the first answer.

to know that you’ll overcome hurt if it comes to you,

maybe that’s the second answer.


maybe because our lives in the past were so very different

maybe because we are two completely different person afterall

maybe i don’t know what that kind of life is like

but my life really isn’t all-different-kinds of amazing at all

i don’t live in a fairytale


as different as we are

i do know what pain is


i may seem unaffected by a lot of things

but sometimes

i am affected when you are.


of course you’ll never hear me say it

i don’t speak my heart

i speak my mind


i’m not any more amazing than the one you know

i’m just ordinary


the only difference is that

i somehow know that you’re not ordinary.

you are all-different-kinds of amazing

more than i could be.


but you don’t know that.

and i can’t tell you.

i just hoped that you will somehow know


but i can’t spell it out for you

no it’s never gonna be that simple

no i can’t spell it out for you


when i was so very young i wasn’t so very smart.

i wasn’t even anything much.

i was nothing.

but then life happens

and somehow i found these little pieces that makes up who i am

and then i lived.


sometimes life’s like this.

it isn’t completely all-different-kinds of amazing all the time

but somehow you live.

and you keep on going where life takes you.


and then you know that you’re alive.



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