Published September 19, 2010 by crystalights


pesal tayang lagu hujan kat astro oasis eh. lagu tu bukan berpengajaran tentang kematian. lagu tu tentang mengenang org yg dh mati, kan?


ana talks about seni as the pelengkap of god’s creation (or something like that).

but i do believe there is a line between seni and such matters, i guess.

and then she sings:

esok dan lusa bukan milikku

oh tuhan


the words behind it is worth more than a run-through, i guess.


PP/S: ingatkan budak2 band tak suke budak2 hoppers. tapi tgok2 sume mcm boleh masuk je dgn ape2 jenis pun.

not that i care but years ago i heard its different.



music tu

top priority kiter ke




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