pretty princess

Published September 19, 2010 by crystalights


so today i started working on the forms (i don’t know why i did i just felt like i have to get it done and over with because i couldn’t stand looking at it on my table evrytime i leave and enter my room)

i spent hours on it (there’s the self writing part i have to put in)

sampai terlepas melodi cinta rossa.

tgok2 tinggal less than 20minutes lgi nak abis.

terkisah ku di antara cinta yang rumit.


she’s so pretty like a barbie princess.

and the whole glittering thing- on her eyes her hair and her dresss

even her shoes are glittering.

and now i’m convinced that her forearms are smaller than mine.


but that dress.. that is quite a cut.



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