just strangers in a car.

Published September 22, 2010 by crystalights


once upon a wednesday;


him: “so where do you live?”

me: “??” *looking puzzled*

him: “i saw you around here before and was wondering where you live..”

me: “urmm..i’m gonna answer your question with a question, so you have to answer my question first.”

him: “okay.”

me: “what is the title track of fergie’s debut single when she first went solo from black eyed peas?”

(wow. i was actually trying to gauge his age using a music question. wayy subtle, ay).

him: *starts to guess random song names*

me: “no.”

(unfortunately, all his guesses were wrong).

and the car moves and somehow stopped at a parking lot.

him: “so we both won’t (do or) be like anything else after this?”

me: “..”

(be? what is there to be?)

me: “urmm.. you’ll see me around here, i guess.”

(and that is if i am ever around here. but that’s a big hint already and i can’t say more -it’s not my style).

and then someone was parking (or showing me how to park).

and then i woke up.


LOL at the random dream.

even in my dreams i’m bitchy and flighty at the same time!


(but i saw his face. he has good cheeks with thick black hair).

(and my heart would have beaten a little faster if he asked for my number, huhu. wait. eww~ *background vomiting sounds*)

okay. (that was random).



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