my mummy’s orchids

Published October 1, 2010 by crystalights


what the hell

she took my mummy’s orchid!

the one with the purple flowers



my dad was ranting throughout lunch because of that.


how can you take someone’s plants when they are still in full bloom?

the purple one. is gone.

that was a whole lot of flowers!

i knew that one of her friends would probably do this

but i still can hardly believe it’s happening.

i didn’t even know it did

i just got out and heard my dad ranting about something and then i went to check and see and i saw that the whole purple bunch was gone.


even if you want some of it to plant in your own home, you could have at least leave the flowering ones alone.

isn’t that common sense?

do you know how difficult it is to get one plant to flower?

of course you know, you have plants too. you garden your ass off, right?

in fact, you have been planting orchids (which refuses to flower) for a very long time, right?

well that thing right there bloomed in my mother’s hands

how could you just come here and nip it off for your own garden?


i’m not even an orchid fan

but my mother loves them

and you of all people know how much my parents love them

they went to that orchid event to personally pick the right ones

they even put up a few branches in the lawn to hold the smaller ones

and you just come and take them away?


by the way

i don’t think they’ll bloom in your hands

even that particular orchid that you keep for years didn’t bloom, they only start blooming under my mum’s care when you gave it to her (because you’re ready to throw it away).

for years the orchid didn’t sprout flowers in your home but when it did flower in our home suddenly you said that you gave my mum a good quality breed.

what are you?

what are you trying to do?

you gave some orchid that you didn’t want anymore to my mum and then you take away her own precious flowering one?


you know what

just stay away from my mum


we don’t need to be near parasites like this.



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