the missing words

Published October 2, 2010 by crystalights


kz’ father passed away this afternoon.

there was an accident and he didn’t make it to the hospital.


a few days before that he was there for atn’s brother’s funeral.


takziah utk sekeluarga.


it’s the 3rd passing since the past few weeks

i picked up the phone

and couldn’t find the words to say.


for both of them


i wished i was a better friend

who could tell them exactly how much i feel

but all i can do is stutter a few words

until the other end of the line says:

it’s okay i understand


there’s this weight upon my heart that tells me

no one can understand if i don’t say it

but i secretly hoped that there are a few who could

the very rare few who would

because maybe we are people who share a secret link

even when we’re miles apart



One comment on “the missing words

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