wedding tales

Published October 10, 2010 by crystalights


oh wow.

i thought that at least all tv3 personalities have very good command of both bahasa malaysia AND english language.

tapi tak sangke i get to listen to that kind of street-like garble known as english in that kind of ceremony.

soalan pun tak kemas.

and then he was answering her messy question while looking at her face but she was reading her cue card.

mcm ni punye cara pun boleh work in this line eh.

i am seriously baffled.

i mean seriously, how are people supposed to take you and your job seriously?

do you even understand that the person that you’re interviewing is not just some random guy?

i don’t like generalizing but i don’t think i can look at people like you the same way again.




but the wedding reception was huge. (and extravagant).

really. they even got the arabian royalty to come.

and as well as our own royalty.

but the cake-cutting ceremony dress was surprising.

i don’t really know why bernard chandran would create something like that for a malay traditional wedding.

but then it is bernard chandran afterall.

it was silver with textured glitters all over.

the cut looks big. the fit looks loose.

and the singer was kinda off-key during the couple walk.

it was the chorus of marc anthony’s “my baby you”.

and the cake. is taller than the groom.

maybe it’s the astronaut/aeronautical space thingy that i don’t quite understand, but the dress was hinting on some sort of futuristic space element (?) and the cake was shaped like that space rocket traveller (?) that he was on. yeah, i think that was probably it.


so far we only have one guy who got to travel to space.

maybe that’s why he’s like some sort of a celebrity now.

even his wedding has those little aeronautical space vibe.


no offense but sometimes i think my country is desperate for a hero.

to adore.


that could be it.


until the time comes that it is proven otherwise, i think that is how i see it.

because their adoration are truly unsubtle

(and unsettling).


(thank god he’s finally married).


(i can already imagine the commotion surrounding their first born child though).



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