Published October 11, 2010 by crystalights


tolonglah rase kecewa dan pergi.

selama ni aku tak respond dan tak jawab telefon

kenape nak libatkan aku lagi?

i don’t have to have anything to do with you and your family anymore.

tak perlu cari aku

kalau aku tak ingin dijumpai.


if i give a damn i would have responded a long time ago

but now that i’m disappearing why couldn’t you just have some sense and let go?


i don’t have any obligations towards you and your family.

i don’t have to feel anything.

i don’t have to explain.

you don’t even know me

this is how i live.

why should you be treated any different than the rest of those people out there?


tak perlu rase ape2 dan tak ingin nak rase ape2



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