what i don’t need

Published October 15, 2010 by crystalights


i don’t need to be placated.

that makes me even more upset.

i don’t like it.


i tried but i didn’t get what i want

so i’ll figure it out myself.

no need to put in a few words for me to soothe the burn

it doesn’t matter how much it scars

i don’t need you to fix me

or say things for me

because you can’t say it like i can

maybe no one can

you’re not even saying it right

and that just makes it even worse than it was.


i’ll deal with my own things

don’t just go around trying to involve me in whatever it is you think i need

i don’t need this.

i’ll fix my own shit.


you can’t save me because

i don’t need to be saved.



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