fashion unconscious

Published November 1, 2010 by crystalights


so i think, after last week’s fiasco, things are a bit..calmer (?)

it feels a little bit more lighter and easier to breathe (for now).

as long as no one talks about it, then it’s fine.

if someone starts talking about the same thing (over and over) again i don’t think i can tolerate it one more time.


on a different note

this is random, but some people can really pull off wearing shiny skinnies with plain black boots (and still rock it).


and what is that osbourne girl doing on fashion police?

wasn’t she like one of those normal american teens wearing god-knows-what doing god-knows-what like the rest of the population?

why is it that when she finally “cleaned-up” and polished herself up she gets to sit there with her expensive dress and join a group of people attempting to evaluate the fashion worthiness of some people’s choice of wardrobe?

i mean seriously, wasn’t she just like the rest of us when we were awkward and unfashionably conscious?

why is she there now, saying things about how some things look on some people?


i think as far as fashion goes, as long as it isn’t vulgar or completely disturbing then there is no need to overscrutinize.

what is fugly to some people may be unbelievably awesome to many more.



what is the point of a fashion police anyway

(it’s not like it can help save the world or something).



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