the ceremonial end

Published November 5, 2010 by crystalights


i was watching high school musical 3 reruns

and saw the ending graduation scene.

so corny.

made me wonder about how graduations are supposed to be

(just a little bit).

because in my country, apart from several selected schools, common schools don’t have graduation days

we mostly have something like an end of the year meal ceremonies (and then that’s it).

in my country graduation day is usually for the end of our tertiary studies like when you finish college/varsity.

but how come troy gets to make the (valedictorian) speech?

i thought gabriella’s the brainiac of the school.

is it because of the whole captain thingy?

(as if that really counts)



i think graduation robes freak me out.

and the mortar board.

and people squealing over a piece of paper earned after 4 years and thousands of bucks later.

the whole fiasco freaks me out.


is it just me or does happy people freak me out?

so what. am i allergic to happiness now?


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