harap-harap lah ye.

Published November 11, 2010 by crystalights


i can’t believe i still stopped to think.

i still gave your words some sort of thought and consideration.

i still let a song give me hope. for a minor milisecond i was lost in those lines.

for a minor milisecond i was stupidly mistaken.

for the seconds afterwards i just knew that it wouldn’t change anything.


moving on to everything else,

harap2 din cpt2 dtg tukar battery.

harap2 that 2 major paper dpt selesai sbaik2nye wthout having to talk about it anymore.

harap2 we would have lesser problems at one time.

harap2 sume org boleh marah sepenuh hati tanpa ada yg kecik hati.

harap2 keje esok pagi dpt siap tanpa cela wlwpun aku b’tolak bfore business time.

harap2 kiter akan ader mase utk non-emotional activities.

harap2 people can understand how and why aku buat keje aku.

harap2 some people can rationally make a point valid instead of bashing other people for their opposite personal point of views.



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