cooking daze

Published November 18, 2010 by crystalights


the kitchen light’s out but

i’m still wearing my little sister’s checquered apron.

i was cooking these couple of days, but today i decided to wear it because my auntie’s curry splashed on my dress shirt.

my yellow baby-doll back-tied dress shirt with yellow buttons and bits of yellow laces at the front – it was one of my favourites.

it looks vintage but i like it because of the comfy fabric and the cut.

and now there’re curry stains on it.


i didn’t cook the curry,

just asam fish yesterday

and today it’s spicy chicken~


hari ni grumpy sbb mase masak perut tgh lapar

ayam plak beku

cube potong2 tak boleh

last2 sentap pakai tgn (tibe2 rase mcm dr.Callie Torres plak).



hari ni raye haji dapat daging free 

(haha. i sound like a freak).

my little sister wants beef soup

(i am very weak to sick people’s food requests. klw org tgh sakit mintak nk mkn ape2 slalunye aku tak tolak. biasenye selagi aku boleh masak aku masak kan).

(maybe that’s why kot aku agak terase klau aku sakit tapi tak dpt mknn yg aku nak. sbb bile aku sakit, dlm kepale aku : “kalau tak dpt makan yg tu, tak nak makan langsung la.” mcm mase aku chicken pox dulu2 aku teringin nak mkn nasi lemak tangkak dgn ayam masak merah kt warong sebelah pjbt pos tu pas tu aku ckp ngn ayah smpai la last2 aku dpt jgak mkn).

but in the end i didn’t make the soup bcause my mom called,

dier ckp “masak ringan2 je, mak bawak balik lauk”.

and i was thinking : mcmane baru kire “masak ringan2” tu?


nsib baik dh masak utk tghari pun.

ingat kene masak sup ptg td.


i was also waiting for the sweet treats my mum’s bringing.

because yes, i have this thing for sweet things


if you check my food pics a lot of them are something like these





i like them sweet.


on a side note,

my little sister knows what a thermophile, a mesophile and a sacrophile is,

but she doesn’t know what a paedophile is.

isn’t that urmm.. geeky?



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