anger yg kesat.

Published November 22, 2010 by crystalights


kalau aku tak jumpe dan tak isi borng tu sekarang pun, nanti bile aku nak buat tuntutan pun aku boleh ambik dari pejabat dan isi.

takde masalah.

tak pyh bising2.

tak perlu pun lengkapkan sekarang, tuntutan tu bukannye boleh dibuat sekarang pun.

so shut up.

this is my life.

my scroll.

i’ll take care of it when the time comes.


sometimes i do feel like i hate my first degree because it has caused me so much but it still takes in so much more.

i have someone yapping on my back about what i should and must do.

i have things i don’t like i have to attend.

i have my loan-provider sending a letter asking for my advance payment already.

i have things i don’t even want to remember.

a few months after finishing, i still have a lot on my plate.


so just give me a break.

and stop saying anything to anyone in that manner in this place.

aku tak suke mencarut

dan aku pun tak suke dgar org mencarut.

kalau org mencarut tak sudah2, aku rase mcm nak bertempik dan blah.

carutan tu cukup utk buat aku lari.

even when i cuss, i don’t say it like it’s a cuss. i say it like it’s an exclamation to emphasize a point.

so aku tak nak dgar carutan yg begitu vicious dan continuous mcm dah takde perkataan lain yg nak diperdengarkan.

cursing is a very bad reflection of the self.

when you are a good person you wouldn’t want to give a bad reflection of yourself, do you?

so good people like you or anybody else would be better off avoiding cursing. 


but seriously

aku tak nak dengar la mencarut2 ni.

kalau nak mencarut, jgn bagi aku dgar.

pergilah somewhere else where no one can hear you.

kalau boleh tak pyh la mencarut langsung,

lagi senang.

tak pyh menyakitkan gegendang telinga aku smpai tersalah klik dan terpakse taip smula borang tu.


i did everything you told me to do, what more do you want?



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