goodbye. graduation.

Published November 30, 2010 by crystalights


(stranded. and left with 1 car on our way home)

the thing is that

i don’t seek memories for me to keep.

i don’t really take them in for remembrance.

i just.. live.

with whatever i have.


but when i do keep them

they’ll be very private and dear to me.


is our family’s photo album.

it has most of our story,

from my mom’s youthful days

to my recent graduation.

i started it around 10 years ago, when i was 13 or so, after finding old photos of my mom and dad and our family and the places and things that we’ve been through as us.

i arranged them as chronologically precise as possible, and i tried to ensure that the important ones are there. there are even little notes and scribbles, telling stories of the events and places.

of all the things there is in this house,

this is one of those things which i would not want to share with people other than my family.

so i was surprised when it got to other people’s hands today.

i was surprised that it was brought out of my home.

it was supposed to just be kept in my sister’s room.


although i’m very expressive and loud at times,

i actually prefer to keep some things private.

even when i tend to speak a lot,

there are things i don’t like to share. with the whole world.

i believe in exclusive rights when it comes to these personal things.

because of the nature of such things it always gets personal.


people who don’t understand me probably won’t understand the workings of my family.


now i have to revise my add maths for a test which i can’t get away from this coming thursday.

i told  dad i don’t think i can do it.

as in : i don’t want to do it.

but he’s my dad. what do i expect?

the last time i got away with something, it ended up as an archived case (which he takes out every now and then just to remind me of how errored i was).

(maybe it’s a teacher/educator thing).

i don’t know.

i’m not sure what i’ll do but i’m gonna have to do something. soon.


my graduation is done.

i’m just counting the days i have left before the next chapter starts.

if my reports were received and my efforts were granted permission then i hope that things will finally be alright for me.

but it’s only with god’s grace and will.


and yes,

i have a few students on thursday afternoon or so.

it’ll be the first session.

don’t know how it’ll be so




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