salvaging the savaged

Published December 1, 2010 by crystalights


i think that increasing the price of cigarettes won’t stop people from smoking.

that actually looks like a subtle oppresion of a nation.

people don’t just stop smoking because of a price hike. they work their asses anyway to afford a smoke or two. (which in turn increases the everyday burden of a common citizen).

you block them one way, they’ll go through the other way just to get what they feel they want or need.

like chocolates, candy, or coffee.

people don’t need them, but this is what they consume because they feel like they need to. or want to.

so they struggle through to afford it anyway, because this is what little luxury they have left and they wouldn’t want it to be taken away.

and sure enough, that is what a price hike will do to a nation overburdened with expensive commodities.

so if everything sucks the pennies out of you, when will you ever have enough to just drink coffee and have something to smoke?

(i guess that means you’re not supposed to?)


i do give a damn.

even when i don’t smoke or drink coffee, i do care. because this is the people of my country.

not just because i live here, but because i still have that little bit of honour for my sovereignity.

and humanity. (no matter how selfish i’ve become).

what happens when this country with all that revenue,

reduces the nation’s common commodities budget,

and then hikes up the price for the people to pay.

and then jobs either become scarce or they don’t really pay you enough,

but you’d still be putting up with all your work demands

because you don’t really have a choice.

and then the crime rates increase because when you’re broke and penniless, what wouldn’t you do to get something just to live?

at the end of the day wouldn’t you be just a pawn in the system?

but isn’t this the system that you voted for?

if a lot more people realize what they’re voting for

and realize that they can deliver the message of what they need to the people they have voted for

maybe they could get. what they need. delivered to them.

if the ones who are voted can realize that they need to deliver the message of the people who voted for them then

maybe we could actually have something that we need. that we have strived for.

for so long.


i believe that politics should only be a tool to achieve the just and fair ruling of a nation and their needs.

if it doesn’t then what is the whole point of democracy?

would a huge majority choose something adverse, harmful, or damaging for their own nation?

if people still couldn’t benefit from the fruits of their labour,

then what is the point of choosing?

i believe that it is better to not vote,

than to vote for someone who brings destruction to a nation.


but really, what do we have?

we have acts of violence, crude name-calling, insolent exchange of words inside a parliament session consisting of the members of the parliament.

is this what we voted for?

to have people who were supposed to represent the people and their needs using the taxpayers’ money to have a cockfight inside the parliament? 

this is why

it isn’t easy to respect people of authority these days.

because who knows what they actually did learn when they were in school?

did they even go to school?


on a sidenote, the test that i’m supposed to take is actually next thursday, not this thursday.

(thank god).



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