questions and answers

Published December 8, 2010 by crystalights


question: kenape tak facebook?

answer: kenape tak my space? friendster? circle99?


question: kenape tak formspring?

answer: kenape tak Yanswers? LJ?


question: kenape tak blogspot?

answer: kenape tak wordpress? LJ? Xanga?



kenape tak boleh tak nak?

kenape nak bwat mcm2 utk 1 bnda yg purpose nyer same?

if you want to, then go ahead.

if you don’t, then it’s up to you.

itu pilihan masing2.

suke hati la dier nak ke tak nak ke. aku nak ke tak nak ke.



the world doesn’t stop turning just because someone’s quitting twitter.


so whatever.


skarang aku tgh menaip smbil jawab soalan2 ayah.

soalan2 dier ni memerlukan aku bukak pc dan layari internet.

memang la dier bleh go and check sendiri.


when he asks me questions i kinda know that he expects me to know the answers to it. without him needing to go and check it himself on the internet.

lepas tu mak pun balik.

and then muke mk mcm nk mrh bile aku OMG realize yg aku terlupe goreng ikan.

(sbb tdi sibuk cari brg ayh then cari brg aku then cari jwpn soalan ayah kt internet then trus TERLUPE).


i guess i have to go


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