teach it. make it.

Published December 8, 2010 by crystalights


my dad says i don’t have to take that test (yay!)


the day after tomorrow is my teaching day.

i like teaching.

i like telling people what they don’t know.

i like people telling me what i don’t know.

so i get to learn something. they get to learn something.

if we get to learn at least one thing each day, then maybe we could be more than what we used to be;

and maybe every single day would be better than the days before.


it’s only my 2nd week and i’ve only done 2 classes so far

but i like it

it makes me feel good and nice


on a sidenote,

we made doughnuts today.

my litle sister told me to teach her

but i wasn’t sure if it’ll turn out okay, because i have failed in doughnut-making before.

this was more like an experiment.

so i didn’t really teach her how it’s done.

until it’s done.

(until i’m certain that the doughnut came out as doughnuts).

and thankfully, they did.

and at the end of it we kneaded them together and then they’re fried.

(yay for chocolate and sugar doughnuts!)

they weren’t that great but they did come out as doughnuts.


i guess it was allright.

at least later if she asks me how it’s prepared i can re-tell the story (?)

well. (hopefully).



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