because it doesn’t. matter. at all.

Published December 17, 2010 by crystalights


so i said:

if i am meant to be alone, then i wanna be alone from the beginning.

and then it’s about people looking out for each other’s back.

so i said:

i don’t wanna need people. i want to do things on my own and move on.

she says it like it’s all okay; like that time when she took someone in (even when she barely knew them).

so i said:

that’s the problem when you’re with people. you don’t have much choice to make your own decisions. and choices.

and somehow suddenly, i am the complicated one.

the intangible, troublesome, exaggerating, messed-up creature that i supposedly am.

so i tell her: don’t tell him.

because he’ll only think that i’m being difficult. he doesn’t get me.

no one does.

and i’m not someone who finds it worth the time to actually explain myself or make things clear. to anyone.

so whatever.

because it doesn’t matter what i feel.

it doesn’t matter what i want.

it only matters if they get what they want

so that they don’t have to resent me if something happens.



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