garang tak garang

Published December 21, 2010 by crystalights


aku tak marah student aku bukan sbb aku nk look like the cool teacher yg manjekn student.

bukan sbb aku takut student aku bercerite, atau takut tak disukai ke aper.

aku tak marah2 sbb aku tak nk dorg stop coming out of their shells.

bukan sume org tegar mcm adik aku. kene marah pun lepak je. tak terjejas pun.

dgn org lain aku tak pasti.

aku tak nk kemarahan aku buatkn student aku shut down and retreat.

aku tak nk marah org yg tak faham.

for me they are too young to understand and take it like a man/woman.

if you get hurt and you understand it, then that’s fine. in fact, that is better than fine.

but if you get hurt without understanding, then that’s bad news. to me.

memangla dunia ni tak adil dan penuh dgn ranjau rintangan dan sume org ade hak utk bangun dari mimpi2 indah dan bersemuke dgn realiti.

tapi bila2 dier decide nak bangun, bukan pd tgn aku.

bukan aku yg tentukan sume tu.


so yes.

aku tak marah2 dan kdg2 agak laid back dgn student aku. pathetic, i guess.

but i believe in my reasons so unless they are twenty somethings i don’t think i get to be the cikgu garang that i’ve pictured myself as before.

and that’s all there is to it.



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