all in a day

Published December 22, 2010 by crystalights


since no one’s really home these couple of days,

i find myself randomly domesticated.

it’s painfully quiet. i guess i needed the distraction.

so i woke up, showered. taught my morning class.

did the laundry.

scrubbed the bathroom.

and cooked. (even when i’m not really hungry).

but what else should i have done i just didn’t know how to get rid of this sinking feeling (that i’m gonna have to get used to this state of being away from people).

i can’t even fall asleep when i really want to. or take a nap.

so i made myself busy.

read up on pasta.

cooked the pasta.

ate the pasta.

cooking is allright. when no one’s interfering in what you do.

it’s a good distraction.


so after a day of self-enriching activities (and locking & unlocking the doors wondering if i’m safe on my own)


i wanna try sleeping.

like right now.



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