i write like

Published December 25, 2010 by crystalights


so it turns out that i mostly write like : Cory Doctorow  

I write like
Cory Doctorow

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!


and also : J.D. Salinger.

I write like
J. D. Salinger

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

i tried it with several of my writings and the analysis showed that i write like Cory Doctorow (3 out of 6 tests) and J.D Salinger (twice).

the other writer that i write like is : Gertrude Stein.

so i spent what’s left of my afternoon on a search for their life stories and backgrounds.

i wanted to know if there is something there in common that is related to the way we write.

we have a 39 year old canadian man, a reclusive american man who passed away earlier this year and an american woman who was friends with picasso when she was alive (picasso drew a portrait of her in 1906).


Cory Doctorow’s “down and out in the magic kingdom” science fiction won the Locus Award for best first novel in 2004. yes, that was only his first novel, and a beginning to his other array of works and writings. he allows the sharing and distribution of his work as long as they’re for non-profit and non-commercial purposes, a.k.a “creative commons : some rights reserved” license.


J.D. Salinger wrote “the catcher in the rye”. “the catcher in the rye” was a development of “slight rebellion of madison” which was written almost 10 years before the former was published. he was still writing while he was in the army for WWII, and was then in contact with Ernest Hemingway. so after the war, “the catcher in the rye” was completed. but he rejected all attempts of securing the rights for this particular piece into the silverscreen and so even spielberg was turned down. owh and “the catcher in the rye” was banned in several countries because of how the story was told and what it was about, as a whole.


Gertrude Stein assembled a modern private gallery and was the mentor of ernest hemingway. she studied psychology, then embryology and was in med school for a while, before she moved on and wrote the autobiography of alice B. toklas which became a bestseller. alice was more than a friend.


cory was born on the 17th of July, the same month as me but mine was on the 10th (of July).

cory likes sharing his work openly. he blogs, writes, co-edits, and is a digital-copyright activist.

J.D liked writing but didn’t really enjoy the crowd and the whole extravaganza surrounding his published works.

there were some of his writings which he does not even wish to publish and that his love for writing was enough for him to stand by this.

gertrude was an influential advocator of the arts. her writings was known to be more in the sense of sound than the suitability of words.

her writings reflect her personality: bright, quirky, strong.



they’re all so very different.

how on earth was i ever writing like any of them?


owh and creds to wiki in the highlighted links.

it was a very enlightening afternoon.



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