ikatan. sah.

Published January 7, 2011 by crystalights

sorry but

aku tertanye2;

ape bezanyer ader org lain stay bersama pun

kalau yg org lain tu status nyer same je dgn kiter : tiada pertalian darah atau ikatan yg sah.


ape bezanyer?

unless if there is no other choice

nowhere else to go




or if two people mcm a pair of old makcik and pakcik yg husband and wife

and then even if you stay situ you know that the pakcik ader ikatan yg sah dgn the makcik, the makcik ader ikatan yg sah dgn the pakcik.

bile you dtg stay situ, you tahu you stay dgn seorg makcik yg same2 perempuan mcm you and at the same time makcik tu ader ikatan yg sah dgn pakcik yg stay bersama-samanya.

kirenye dlm 3 org tu ader 2 org yg sudah ader ikatan yg sah.


klw 3 org yg berlainan jantina yg langsung takde pertalian darah dan takde ape2 ikatan yg sah tinggal bersama then aku pun tak pasti how to put it into words.

aku pun tak pandai sgt dlm hal2 mcm ni, tapi aku harap ader lah org yg boleh point it out for me and make me understand aper yg boleh dgn yg tidak.



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