reasons to conclude that you’re selfish

Published January 20, 2011 by crystalights

1. you tell people to do things that you KNOW you CAN do yourself.

2. you ignore what people NEED you to do.

3. you NEVER really say or look or be or feel thankful for the things that people do for you.

4. you don’t care if what you do AFFECTS the people around you.

5. you don’t really care about anyone OTHER than yourself.

6. even when you miraculously show that you care, in the end it’s for your own PERSONAL GAIN. in the end it’s ALL FOR YOU.

7. you put your wants and needs ABOVE everybody else’.

i think there’s not a day that pass by that i don’t stop wondering if whatever i’m doing is turning me into you

because as much as i am tainted and flawed, you are someone i don’t wanna be


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