king of the board.

Published January 27, 2011 by crystalights


you know the view you get when you’re staring at the ceiling?


that’s kinda like my refuge sometimes.


aku takut semuenye ranap je.

disebabkan nakhoda mengemudi bahtera tak berarah tujuan kelompok

titah perintah hanya untuk keinginan peribadi

i can imagine the shattering, smattering, to smithereens.


in this huge ship

your words are one of those that i couldn’t trust the most

stiap kali kau ckp kau yakin je sume akan tertunai

tapi kau tak boleh pun tunaikan.

kau boleh la ckp mcm2 pun

tapi aku tak percaye

i don’t believe that you actually give a damn about anyone other than yourself.

i don’t believe that you said everything without the intention to hurt.

because i think that IS your intention. to hurt people (like me and them) because you don’t care.


because every single time, your word is the law.

you’re like the king on a chess piece

that needs to be kept alive for the entire game to continue

but the rest of the pieces die for you.


they always have to die for someone like you.



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