of chocolates and what you think

Published February 1, 2011 by crystalights



are sweet, but

what’s my name?


i never really disclosed my identity on my journals/blogs, did i?


i don’t think i have to.

people can know what i write about, but they don’t have to know me.

i don’t have to introduce myself to the whole world.

i like it like this.

it’s nice to know that only what you write about is open for viewing.

that any concrit are just for the things that you write about.


so i don’t really know what it’s like to have people know you and your whole life, even when you’ve never met at all.

i know that there must be something you don’t want to show to the entire universe, right?

is it allright for people to know so much about you even without you really knowing them and who they are?


if something happens and you’re in the middle of it, how do you know that you are treated equally and fairly for the things that has happened to you if they’ve already known too much about you?

if you make mistakes how do you know that they are correcting you and not defending your errors because of how much they know you?


i like those chocolates.

but some of them are good, some of them are not.

the almond ones are good. just stick to those.

the other fillings are not exactly what i had in mind.

the walnuts are crushed too small and too little.

and the hazelnuts aren’t really whole (?) according to my sister, she got half of a hazelnut in 1 chocolate.

and they got the colours wrong.

i wanted my name in purple, not that colour.

and some of the alphabets are not really completely sticking on the chocolates.

some of the shapes are relatively bigger than the rest.

stick to the five-petaled flower, i think that’s the biggest.


when i say some of them are good, i meant that some of the filling combination matches the overall chocolate taste.

like the sweetness from the almond filling matches the thickness of the cocoa from the thick chocolate base.

the chocolates have this thick cocoa taste so if you like less dairy and more concentrated cocoa content (or if you’re a bittersweet choc fan) then i guess this one’s for you.

as i said, some of them don’t really match


if you want then you can order here: chocolazad



isn’t it easier to straightforwardly speak the truth and spill what you think

when people don’t know too much about you and you are not too busy considering multiple audiences to be sensitive towards?

you can just write what you think without having to put great care in your written thoughts just because “some people are not okay with it”.


i bought that chocolate after seeing your entry

(but you could have said “not all shapes are as big as this”, or “not all fillings taste as good as this” or at least an “i’m not sure about the rest”).


but whatever

at least i know what i would have said.



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