truth and lies

Published February 7, 2011 by crystalights


i’m going alone.

no one’s coming with me.

no one’s waiting for me there.

it’s a solo endeavour.

i’m just gonna have to deal with it.


the problem with me is that i really don’t like making room for other people.

because once they enter and damage things,

i won’t really let them in again.

giving that space wasn’t something i like to do

and when i finally give it, when i finally believed that you are someone i could believe in

but then suddenly you weren’t; well that’s it. that’s all there is to it.

i don’t like to compromise

you can say i’m harsh or whatever

but i don’t like to give more than what i’ve given to people who wants to take more than what they’ve taken.

i don’t like to hate.

so i just. step away.

i think it’s better that i step away from some people than stepping on these people.


why do i have to let anyone in again?

i know what it feels like to believe in something which eventually turned out to be a lie

i despise it because i believe that

not all truths you must speak of, but all that you speak of must be the truth.

so i don’t wanna say anything anymore

because i really wished that for once can you stop pretending that you care?

if you don’t care, then you don’t have to care.

don’t pretend that you care just for the sake of fulfilling your curiosities.


isn’t that distasteful, dishonest, and downright derogatory?



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